While driving back from a long day of work I felt rewarderd by seeing this stunning sky. I stopped the car and just enjoyed the view.


When I visited my grandma in the nursing home I always leave with mixed feeling. Of course it’s great that people work there to help the seniors.

But sometimes I’m wondering if they still want this kind of help. They dress you, have lunch together, bring people back to their room if they want to, family sometimes visit them but sometimes they just wait in a chair untill they get picked up for dinner. No energy to do anything or some have a hard time walking or can’t move by themself. Of course this doesn’t count for every senior in the nursing home, some enjoy the activities and I have all the respect for the people who help the seniors to give them the best time as possible.

I think some might be just fine and okay with the way they spent the days. If I go there I can’t help thinking I never want to go to a place like that. A place where you lose your neighbours or friends from the dinningtable, where you stay because there are things you can’t do on your own, a place where you know most health problems proberly only get worse because there is no reverse of aging.

I’m kind of glad some older people(and younger) believe there is more after life and God will come for you when it’s your time just so they think everything everything happens for a reason and they might still have hope for a better time.

I don’t know how it is arranged in your country but I think from a certain age euthanasia should be more accepted. You can get euthanasia when your suffer will not get better and there is no hope for a better future, but what if you are just feeling like this was enough? Or if you have some complains but they don’t think you suffer enough? Or if your situation is so bad that you can’t agree with euthanasia? Another problem which I kind of understand is that not every docter will accept your choice. It’s a really tough desicion where to draw the line and it might be that the family doesn’ t agree as well.

Yesterday there was a Dutch movie on television called ‘It has been nice, but it was enough’. Sorry I did not see the movie yet but it’s about a couple who in their younger years agree on ending life when it feel like you’re finished. Better leave the party early then leave the party when it has already ended and you have to help cleaning first.

I hope I don’t hurt anyone with what I wrote it’s just my thoughts.

Voel je hoe de wind waait? Hoe de zonnestralen je verwarmen? Kun je niet alleen anderen maar ook jezelf omarmen? Ben je geweest daar waar je geluk mee vandaan mee kon nemen? Het najagen van je dromen is de beste manier van ondernemen. Want met geluk in je hart ben je rijker dan met geld in je broekzak.

If home is where the heart is, buy a tent and sell your house and make the world your home. Make yourself feel at home all over the world, make sure that when you wake up the first thing you think is this is beautiful.

Waar veel kinderen speelden met poppen, auto’s of knikkers mocht ik graag een rollenspel spelen. Waar veel kinderen dan bijvoorbeeld hun favoriete actieheld, een toekomstig beroep of bijvoorbeeld hun favoriete huisdier na deden koos ik ervoor om zwerver te spelen.

Een zwerver die vrij was om de wereld te ontdekken, te leven van wat de natuur te bieden heeft, die graag buiten zou slapen en wakker wou worden door de zonsopgang.

Uiteraard is dat te geromantiseerd, want als kind zie je vooral de positieve kanten.

Echter het de wereld willen ontdekken en zien is altijd bij me gebleven. De ultieme vrijheid, het meest genieten van dat wat gratis is.