Strange how I always have the feeling I don’t belong here. I think I already knew this from when I was a little kid. I loved playing outside, climbing in trees and imagened I was a wanderer. As a kid I never have been camping but I remember that I always wanted to go to a survival camp. In my opinion the best time of the year is not christmas, but the moment I leave home to go on adventures, travel, explore and enjoy nature. Far away from highways, big shopping malls, and the rush of the daily life. So I’m always looking forward to something great even when life sometimes gives lemons. Some people think it’s crazy but as soon as I’m home I start thinking about the next destination. If I would win a million dollars I wouldn’t buy a big house or a big car, I would just feel free to travel the world at a slow pace.

When I walk the mountains I feel really small, we’re just a spec of dust on this world. But at the same time I get a great feeling of happiness, this kind of peace and silence of nature is really overwhelming. I feel like I can stand there forever just listening and breathing.

Just take a walk

I am a dog owner, so I walk a lot. Once in a while people ask me if sometimes I don’t feel like walking, sure when I look outside and it’s pouring rain but my dog doesn’t enjoy that either so we walk a short round.

But most of the time I really enjoy walking. I think it will do people good to walk more often. My dog is getting older and sometimes I walk alone. People tell me they think it’s scary to walk alone in the woods, but I love it. I think it’s more scary in big crowded places.

Listen to the birds, smell the trees, take your time, sit on a bench or lay in the grass in the sun. Walk without using your phone, try to focus on everything around you. For me walking is relaxing.

My favorite season

My favorite season is spring, are you wondering why I write this while it’s summer? I love spring just because it’s a reminder for me that summer is coming.

In spring I can start to see the first green leaves and know the trees will be full of green in the summer again. I know the days will get longer, the sun will warm me up again and give me more energy. I know the best season is yet to come and I almost can’t wait but there’s nothing I can do to make it go faster. So I enjoy my favorite season spring because I know my best season summer is yet to come. And when it’s summer, you know autumn will follow, so I really prefer springtime.